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French colleges and universities to promote training courses on drones

  • 18 Jul

Universities in France are trying to improve their academic programs by including drones training courses.

Higher education is often criticized for the discrepancy between diplomas focused on theoretical instructions and the tough reality of the labor market. Today, however, the French higher education could silence criticisms since many colleges and universities are renewing their training courses to adapt to the drone revolution. Indeed, these courses aim at helping students acquire skills in the fields of drone operation and management, in order to prepare themselves to new kinds of professions linked to the 'Smart City' concept. For instance, ENAC (French Civil Aviation University) opened, a month ago, an 'Unmanned Aircraft Systems Services and Management Advanced Master'. IPSA, a Toulouse-based engineering college specializing in aeronautical and space systems, launched a Bachelor's degree called 'Cyber ​​Aero & Drones and Robots'. More specialized programs were also recently created. In terms of design, Arts et Métiers Paristech, a French engineering and research graduate school, is delivering a master's degree entitled 'Creator of drones solutions: technologies and uses'. ULCO (the University of the Littoral Opal Coast) has launched a professional urban planning degree, with drones operation courses included in order to help technicians and architects in the analysis and understanding of sites. In any case, these degrees provide a good excuse to discuss the future role drones will have to play in our society and in the labor market. What do you think?

By Laura Frémy