Synaptics, probably best known for making laptop touchpads, is working in collaboration with TheAlloy, Immersion, TAT and Texas Instruments, has developed the Fuse, a phone that explores the possibilities of haptic (touch-based) mobile devices. Instead of limiting input to the screen, as is the case with many of today’s touchscreen phones, Fuse extends the areas of the phone that can be used for inputting information. In addition to the standard touchscreen, input can also be made by squeezing the phone’s sides as well as by 2D input at the phone’s back. The goal of the phone is to make single-hand usage better. (video after the jump)

“The improved sensory experience of Fuse will drive handset innovation to evolve, taking the current generation of touch-based interaction to the next level of human-device interaction,” said Gopal Garg, senior vice president of Synaptics’ handheld business unit and corporate marketing.

Fuse will be demonstrated at CES in Las Vegas this January. In Europe, it will be demoed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

By Mark Alvarez