Yesterday, L’Atelier attended the 2010 Mashable U.S. Summer Tour, an event organized by the social media web site. There, we met an interesting new start-up named Gotelo. Founded by Ray Kasbarian in 2009, Gotelo is

a new way to connect to the pages of people you know with just their phone number. Indeed, it simplifies the way people interact with friends, and could also be useful for business.
By creating a link between a phone number and a web page, Gotelo allows users to control their presence on the internet.

How does it work? First, users have to register on by giving their phone number. After that, the website will call this number for a validation process. Then, users can add links to their social network profile from places like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, YouTube or their blog.

So with this, when you meet a person, you just need to give your phone number. This person will find you on the Internet by typing your number in Gotelo’s browser. As a phone number is something personal and unique, you will be sure to find the right person.
Currently, Gotelo is in beta version. According to Victor Nappe, co-founder of Gotelo, the service will launch next month.
Since now, this connection engine is free because they need to create a huge database, which is key for success. It’s obvious that Gotelo will be useful only if everybody is registered on it. Maybe that's why the service is already available in more than 30 countries.
According to Nappe, the company is thinking of releasing premium services in the future with additional functionality. Like flavors, it seems that Gotelo has created a new kind of online business card.

By Romain Chapron