It seems like everyone wants to be part of the tablet revolution. From January's CES (Consumer Electronic Show) to now, we have seen a lot of prototypes and heard much speculation following the famous iPad announcement. For sur

e, the iPad will be the device to compete with –- if we trust the number of pre-orders -- but what’s interesting is what will follow.

The Microsoft prototype, the Courier, could be our future. When we say "our," we're talking about people who love to write their ideas, creative people. As the site points out, Courier is a "Moleskine 2.0," a high-tech version of the famous black notebook that is for creative and literary people what World of Warcraft is for hardcore gamers.

Courier will allow you to create your own "digital journal" (as Microsoft calls it), where you can pick things from your environment –- like photos or extracts of movies you make -- in addition to what you can find on the Internet, in order to make your own pages, work on a creative project, or just write what you want on it with a digital pen (stylus). No keyboard, no mouse, just two screens made to reproduce an open journal -- the celebrated natural interface that Microsoft wants to implement in all their products, as the company explained at its MIX 10 conference last week.

We do not know if the Courier will be launched or if it is only a prototype that will not reach the market. But creating a tablet whose first aim isn’t replacing books or your computer is a revolutionary idea that deserves praise.

By Marie-Axelle Pernot