Internet Retailer has posted a very comprehensive overview of the state of mobile commerce, which anyone interested in the sector should definitely read. Culling data from a lot of sources, the Internet Retailer report provides a deep snapshot of the market. North American mobile commerce sales will reach $750 million this year (ABI Research), with a lot of that money going to EBay, which has already pulled in $380 million in mobile commerce in the first three quarters of 2009. EBay is also the leader in mobile visitors, with 5.4 million unique monthly visitors in August (Nielsen). Following it are Amazon (3.5 million), Gamespot (2.5 million) Fandango (2.4 million) and Netflix (2.3 million).

Internet Retailer’s report focuses on strategies that companies can use when branching into mobile commerce, including building sites specially designed for mobile browsing, building dedicated apps on specific platforms, and developing new skill-sets in their e-commerce, marketing, merchandising and I.T. departments.

While m-commerce is in its infancy, it’s riding the smartphone explosion, forcing companies to need to quickly develop flexible strategies, an accelerated version of the switch to e-commerce years ago.

“Given the significant amount of growth in the mobile channel we’ve already seen this year, I believe the tipping point for online retailers to start developing a mobile strategy has already passed,” Adam Boysen, project manager at e-commerce and m-commerce research and consulting firm Acquity Group said in the report.

“The online retailers that have already invested in the mobile channel are poised to benefit the most from marketing their mobile presence to early adopters, and the exponential revenue growth rates that will soon follow,” Boysen said.

The report concludes with several case studies of companies like and SkyMall. For anyone interested in m-commerce, Internet Retailer’s report is definitely a must-read.

By Mark Alvarez