A survey regarding the habits of people who play games on their mobile phones was released in May 2009 by Information Solutions Group of 1,100 AT&T wireless customers. 57 percent of AT&T wireless users use their wireless devices to play games. Reasons for playing are mostly lifestyle improvement: “Distraction from daily life issues” (52%); “Relaxation and stress relief” (40%); and “improved mood” (12%). These findings are consistent with a predominantly "casual gamer" platform. With the more ubiquitous handset comes the privilege of more innocuous gameplay, so these people enjoy more flexibility with work-time recreation. 52% of mobile gamers say they play mobile games during work hours and one in seven (14%) mobile gamers chose “during my work day, when I need a short break” as the time when they most often play games on their phone.

Other than specified work times, sixty percent play while waiting for an appointment, while 34 percent play during the day on weekdays. 25 percent play either when traveling on vacation or on the weekend.

As for time spent, 59 percent play at least once a month, 41 percent play less than once a month, and forty percent weekly or more. 91 percent of individual session are thirty minutes or less, 62 percent are less than fifteen minutes.

Most mobile gamers have been playing for at least one (78 percent), but quite a few for more than three years (55 percent). Across platforms, counting console and PC gaming, mobile playing time counts for 22.2 percent.

These somewhat surprising results are of course due to the provider. In the US this representation is skewed by the force of the iPhone and the App store. A Google News search will pull about four out of five mobile gaming stories with an exclusively Apple coverage.

Count one writer waiting for numbers on Android or Blackberry mobile gamer data.