You will discover how to wirelessly upload photos directly from you camera to an online photo album, learn that Japan now has more than 6 million fiber-optic subscribers, and that the Japanese are switching in droves to 3G phones. You will also discover the types of content Japanese cell users put on their phones, their mania for m-commerce, and a cutting-edge innovation that lets you map where you take your photos with a GPS device that connects to a digital camera or camcorder.


Broadband Connections in Japan: 6 Million Fiber Optic Subscribers, ADSL Declines
The Japanese Telecommunications Ministry has published the June 2006 quarterly statistics on broadband Internet connections. These most recent figures show the number of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) connections continuing to soar.

Continued Strong Growth for Mobile Content and M-Commerce in Japan in 2005
Mobile Content Forum, the Japanese association of mobile content providers, has published statistics on Japan’s mobile content and m-commerce market in 2005.

External GPS Device Puts New Sony Cameras on the Map
On August 2, 2006, Sony announced the launch of a new product that enables its digital camcorders and cameras to plot the location where every image is taken.

Mobile Communications in Japan, August 2006: Mass Migration to 3G
The Japanese Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) has published the latest statistics on cell phone subscribers and mobile Internet users in Japan.

Nikon Offers Camera-to-Internet Wi-Fi Image Uploading
On September 29th, camera manufacturer Nikon will be launching a new Internet connection service in partnership with Wi-Fi Internet service provider Japan Telecom.