During this year’s iPhone launch, the number of Blackberry users switching to Apple doubled from last July's 3G release. And many more desire to do so. Thirty-eight percent of smartphone users would switch to iPhones, a study by Crowd Science finds. But only 14 percent of non-Blackberry smartphone users would switch to the Research in Motion product. "These results reflect the great challenges Blackberry faces in stemming the iPhone stampede," said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science.

iPhone users also report a much higher rate of satisfaction than other smartphone users, especially regarding screen size, navigation, app availability and video. Highest rated were of course the apps.

Overall, 73 percent of iPhone owners were satisfied with their phone, while 52 percent of BlackBerry and 41 percent of other smartphone users felt the same. Only 18 percent of iPhone owners would not buy another.

Of the 40 percent of cell phone users who own smartphones, one-third are iPhone users. This despite the iPhone’s physical fragility compared to the competition's.

SquareTrade reports that more than 20 percent of iPhones have been damaged in the last 22 months. But while Apple’s phones are more fragile, they’re more reliable than the competition.

Only 9.9 percent of iPhones have malfunctioned in the last 22 months, compared to 15.3 percent of BlackBerrys and 19.9 percent of Treos that have.

Guess that’s one of the reasons so many want to switch to Apple. But the big disadvantage BlackBerry and other smartphone producers have is making and marketing a product to compete with a cultural phenomenon.

By Mark Alvarez