Robots about to take over the butler's job?

  • 04 Sep
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Inside Zunum Aero's hybrid-electric plane


Women movers and shakers in Silicon Valley

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Who will own EV charging stations?

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A hand gesture could be your next password


Artificial Consciousness the Next Big Thing in the field of AI?

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Unincorporated community to collect its own air quality data to test the impacts of new power plants

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The city of Cupertino is in talks to build a Hyperloop in Apple's backyard — and its mayor hopes Apple might help pay for it

L'Atelier BNP Paribas Americas @atelier_us July 30, 2018

The island nation of Samoa plans to run on 100% renewable electricity with @Tesla's help v/@FastCompany #GreenTech #CleanTech #Energy


Nammu, the fish-robot that wants to save the ocean

  • 24 Jul
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"Accessibility to creativity is increasing through technology", says @KarlieJessop from @CreativeLive at #AtelierMeetup #ArtTech

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The pros and cons of Uber for everything

L'Atelier BNP Paribas Americas @atelier_us July 17, 2018

The @UNEnvironment Programme and @Yale University recently teamed up to create the Ecological Living Module, a tiny house designed to minimize water and natural resource use v/@DigitalTrends #SmartCity #SmartHome #GreenTech

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Biogenic solar cells providing an energy source despite bad weather

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No longer functional offshore oil rigs and wind turbines may not be removed to ensure greater biodiversity in the sea

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Sailing around the planet with #RenewableEnergy and hydrogen gas aboard the @energy_observer v/@WIRED #GreenTech #CleanTech

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California utility PG&E wants to replace gas plants with massive batteries