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The #Ocean Solutions Accelerator is a new program that aims to help advance startups which goal is to protect or improve the big blue v/@TechCrunch #GreenTech

Bloomberg 16 January 2018 See article

China's Hunger for Solar Boosts Clean Energy Funding Near Record

MIT Technology Review 09 January 2018 See article

Google and Others Are Building AI Systems That Doubt Themselves

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#AI-fortified humanoid bots designed by the German Aerospace Center will build the first homes on Mars v/@WIRED #SpaceTech #Robotics

Bloomberg 04 January 2018 See article

California Bill Seeks Ban on Fossil-Fueled Vehicles by 2040

Engadget 22 December 2017 See article

California is set to hit its green-energy goals a decade early


Asia innovating for a greener, more inclusive future

  • 21 Dec
Techcrunch 17 January 2018 See article

FarmCrowdy raises $1M round to bring Nigerian farmers online and to market

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#Civictech is everywhere! Who are the actors of the ecosystem? New study on #CivicTech by @atelier_US

MIT Technology Review 12 December 2017 See article

Microsoft Announces $50 Million for Its “AI for Earth” Project

Wired 17 January 2018 See article

Climate Change Could Take the Air Out of Wind Farms

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Researchers at UCBerkeley are training robots to "imagine the future of their actions" v/@TechCrunch #MachineLearning #AI


Digital tech helping to combat global hunger

  • 07 Dec
  • 10 min
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Plans to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid will likely include more renewable energy v/@IEEESpectrum #GreenTech #SmartCity

Abidjan, the West African phenix
  • 06 Dec
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Plant scientist Joanne Chory was awarded $3M from a clan of #SiliconValley CEOs to engineer a new root that will suck excess #CarbonDioxide out of the air v/@Hilarx #GreenTech

Bloomberg 04 December 2017 See article

Google, Biggest Corporate Buyer of Clean Power, Is Buying More

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.@Shell partners with #carmakers to bring ultra-fast #electric car chargers to European highways v/@reuters #SmartCity #Transportation #GreenTech

Techcrunch 17 January 2018 See article

Tesla completes the world’s largest battery for Australian wind farm