Mobile phone is already the number 1 internet access device in China. In 2013 we have over 460 million mobile netizens who are vehemently accelerating the pace of digital progression and constantly shaping new paradigm in this country. Though many brands and companies have embraced “Mobile Era” with pleasure and realized its dominant influence, they often fail to grasp the exact ideas of “know how” to fully impact their mobile oriented Chinese consumers.
So The Digital Business Club gladly presents  "Adapting your strategy to the mobile Era" this exciting event to help you acquire concrete inspirations of launching your own mobile strategies. We would cover some very interesting topics: how to adapt E-commerce to M-commerce, creative mobile marketing solution from Japan but tailored to Chinese market, successful experience sharing about revolution from PC to Mobile etc.

This event should be beneficial to any enterprise that would like to enhance or simply prepare its mobile tactics. And ultimately we hope it would change your way of doing business. 




18:00: Arrival
18:30: L'Atelier introduction
18:45: Experts speech
20:30: Networking session
21:00: end of the event


In this session you will interact with experts that could help you to decide:

  • When should I begin to think about the mobile strategy?
  • Should your brand use the mobile app/website as the website companion?
  • May this nomadic channel used as a proprietary digital channel, with its own marketing and  content strategy?
  • What about the associated costs?
  • What about the trendiest trends like O2O, WeChat ?


- 我应该在什么时候开始考虑移动战略?
- 除了品牌官网,您是否还应使用移动应用程序/手机网站?
- 移动端是否是一个专有的数字通道,有自己单独一套的市场营销和内容策略?
 - 相关成本是多少?

- 怎么和O2O,WeChat这些潮流相结合?Main themes: mobile strategy for ecommerce, UX, content, product selection, mobile payment