Jiayuan Announces Launch of New Vertical Website / L'Oreal wins Effie Award for multi-screen gross rating point practice / Multinational Logistics invest in Liangjiang new area / Altai Technologies unwires rural areas of Liaoning province in China

China quick overview : Online dating / L'Oreal and GRP / Children mobile app / Logistic / Mobility in rural areas

Jiayuan announces Launch of new vertical website

Jiayuan.com International, operator of an online dating platform in China, launch izhenxin.com, a new dating website designed to satisfy China's marriage-minded singles. Based on Jiayuan's industry-technology, the new website adds enhanced verification and user behavior analysis methodologies to improve both user experience and matching results.  To provide users with the most easy to use and hassle free environment to search for their future partner, izhenxin.com features an exclusive membership model and a proprietary algorithm which assigns members a sincerity score based on their online behavior and verified personal information.  

L'Oreal wins Effie Award for multi-screen gross rating point practice

L'Oreal was crowned the 2012 Effie Awards for its innovative cross media investment practice in China. Since 2010, L'Oreal's ad spending has been moving from traditional TV towards online video and other new video media. Over the past two years, the French brand has been consistently attempting to solve the problem of how to raise the return on investment for cross-channel media activities and, through data mining and technical solutions, try to make a breakthrough. L'Oreal's multi-screen GRP practice in China is a good example of successful measurement in this field. Cooperating with Miaozhen Systems, a third-party advertising technology company, and Millward Brown, a market research agency, L'Oreal made use of a serial of advertising optimization tools. 

The iGRP system provides an Internet advertising evaluation system which can be compared with the existing TV GRP system. At the core metric of performance, both show the advertising reach coverage of the target audience and can, together, become the universal metric and measurement standard on the effectiveness for all types of video media advertising. Starting in 2011, L'Oreal integrated the advertising reach curve of online video and TV based on the same target audience in the same market, to calculate the total reach of online video and TV in different GRP/iGRP objectives, which gave L'Oreal the best mixed media investment.



Multinational logistics invest in Liangjiang new area

Italian investment company, Vailog, and Goodman Group from Australia plan to invest in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area. The two groups will invest US$200 million in the area to develop e-commerce and financial logistics industrial parks with multiple functions. The 1,200-square meter Liangjiang New Area, which is almost as big as Shanghai's Pudong New Area, has attracted 110 Fortune 500 enterprises within two years, becoming an emerging force in China's inland areas to expand international and domestic markets. 


Altai Technologies unwires rural areas of Liaoning province

Altai Technologies Limited today announced that a tier-one mobile operator in China has selected Altai's WiFi base stations to provide wireless connectivity in the rural areas of Liaoning province, China.  The population density is relatively low in these rural areas and it is very costly for the operator to provide internet access using DSL, fiber or cellular technologies. The WiFi network covers farmyards and surroundings to provide seamless wireless access to over 120,000 families in the rural areas.  The yearly subscription fee is RMB400-600 for maximum download speeds of 2Mbps. This kind of solution is widely deployed in the cities and rural areas of China such as Liaoning,Sichuan, Guizhou, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces.