Pinguo Technology has 100 million users for its camera360 app / Jingdong opens an online supermarket to sell packaged foods, beverages and snacks

China quick review : Camera360 & 100, Jingdong & supermarket

Camera360 has 100 million users worldwide

Pinguo Technology announces that Camera360, its camera app for smart phones, just passed 100 million global users, with 40 percent of those users coming from overseas. The Chendu based company wants to turn Camera360 from a pure tool app into a multi-service provider.

In late 2012, Camera360 launched the beta version of its Cloud service, and has already seen more than 240 million photos uploaded to the Cloud platform since launch. At the same date, Pinguo Technology decided to open its Effects SDK to both indie developers and other companies free of charge. Camera360 is now even in talks with a number of smart phone manufacturers to integrate the Camera360 SDK into the stock camera.

Jingdong opens an online supermarket 

Jingdong aka (ex, a Chinese B2C e-commerce company, today announced the launch of its online supermarket, which will offer more than 5,000 types of groceries, including packaged foods, beverages and snacks. Customers can purchase groceries in quantities as small as a single can of soda. The online supermarket will also offer the convenient services of Jingdong's broader platform, including cash on delivery.

The launch marks another move in Jingdong's category expansion. Initially focused on 3C products (computers, communications products and consumer electronics), Jingdong has expanded into home appliances, books, apparel and general merchandise. As of April 2013, the Beijing Company has six fulfillment centers with 68 warehouses in 27 cities, as well as nearly 1,000 delivery stations and nearly 300 pickup stations nationwide. Through its 211 program, the Company offers delivery in 25 major cities and 24 hours delivery in over 150 cities in China.