Ctrip reports unaudited full year 2012 financial results / YOU On Demand launches suite of products for its VOD cable platform in China / SMIC added to Ocean Tomo 300 patent index

China quick review : CTrip & results, YOD & VOD services, SMIC & patents

Ctrip Reports Unaudited  Full Year 2012 Financial Results

Ctrip.com International, a travel service provider of hotel accommodations, airline tickets, packaged tours and corporate travel management in China, today announced its unaudited financial results for the full year ended December 31, 2012. Net revenues were RMB4.2 billion (US$668 million) in 2012, up 19% from 2011. Operating margin was 16% in 2012, compared to 30% in 2011. Net income attributable to Ctrip's shareholders was RMB714 million in 2012, down 34%. For the full year, hotel reservation revenues were RMB1.7 billion, a 15% increase. They accounted for 39% of the total revenues in 2012 (40% in 2011). Air ticket booking revenues were RMB1.7 billion (+18%). The air ticket booking revenues accounted for 38% of the total revenues in 2012. Packaged tour revenues were RMB690 million, representing a 29% increase from 2011. The packaged tour revenues accounted for 16% of the total revenues in 2012, compared to 14% in 2011. Corporate travel revenues were RMB200 million, (+24%). For the full year, product development expenses were RMB912 million : +52% from 2011. These expenses accounted for 19% of the net revenues, increased from 14% in 2011. Sales and marketing expenses were RMB984 million (+58%). For the first quarter of 2013, CTrip expects to continue the net revenue growth year-on-year at a rate of approximately 15-20%.

YOU On Demand launches suite of products for its VOD cable platform in China

YOU On Demand Holdings, a Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video On Demand (VOD) platform service in China, announces the launch of its full suite of entertainment offerings with an marketing campaign targeting the February 10th start of the Chinese New Year. The initial phase of the planned, multi-tiered launch, offers China-based consumers several choices, including Transactional (TVOD) and Subscription (SVOD). TVOD provides users on demand access to the latest Hollywood releases and independent movie titles (retail price of US$1-$2). YOU On Demand is offering titles from all of our studio partners including: Disney Media Distribution, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., Miramax Films, Lionsgate and Magnolia Pictures. With SVOD, users are able to choose among two monthly Netflix-type subscription packages (retail price of US$3-$5): The first variation includes a variety of Hollywood library titles and is branded YOU Cinema On Demand; The second, CHC Cinema On Demand, offers exclusive access to domestic Chinese, locally produced movies. YOU On Demand's inaugural marketing campaign is using a traditional and non-traditional marketing tactics, some of which include: Video Promotions, Radio, Scrolling Subtitle Messages, SMS Messages, Social Media, Web Banners and Landing Pages, Cable Box Messages, Magazine/TV Guide/ Newspaper Ads, Demonstration Areas in Payment Centers, IPG Advertisements and Promotions & Sweepstakes.

SMIC Added to Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, China's semiconductor foundry, today announced that it has been selected as a 2012-2013 constituent of the Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index. The Ocean Tomo 300 Patent Index is the first stock index based on the value of corporate intellectual property. The Patent Index is composed of 300 companies chosen for the value of their patent portfolios relative to book value, and along with the NASDAQ® Composite is a key market equity index for the knowledge economy. Since its inception in November 2006, the Patent Index has consistently outperformed the S&P500. As of January 2013, SMIC held more than 3,000 patents, with 3,800 patent applications pending. For several years, SMIC has been the leader among Chinese semiconductor manufacturers in number of patent applications filed, and in the top ten of all Chinese companies according to number of patents awarded, which demonstrate its attention to patent quality.