Tencent Announces 2012 Third Quarter Results / UTStarcom invests in next generation video platform aioTV

China quick review : Tencent Q3 2012 results, UTStarcom and aioTV

Tencent Q32012 results: online advertising superstar

The internet services provider announces 2012 Third Quarter Results. Total revenues were RMB 11,565.6 million (USD 1,823.9 million), an increase of 54.3% over Q32011. The larger increase in revenues comes from online advertising: 69% year over year, or RMB 1,015.3 million.

Internet value-added services has contributed RMB 8,371.0 million, an increase of 39.4% YoY. The service provider gives some numbers : monthly active instant messaging user accounts were 783.9 million (+ 10.1% YoY). Monthly active Qzone user accounts were 592.8 million (+ 8.2% YoY). The best performance comes from Pengyou. Monthly active user accounts were 258.9 million (+26.8% YoY). Fee-based IVAS registered subscriptions were 73.8 million, a decrease of 4.8% YoY.

Tencent is forced to admit that the increasing adoption of mobile Internet activities is impacting its IVAS registered subscriptions count, and that IVAS subscription services are less appealing to mobile-oriented users. In this regard, revenues from mobile & telecommunications value-added services - SMS packages, mobile games, mobile security - were RMB 946.2 million, an increase of 12.0% YoY. According to Tencent, this primarily reflected an increase in revenues from mobile games and mobile books. Fee-based MVAS registered subscriptions were 33.7 million, an increase of 8.0% YoY.

Finally, revenues from e-Commerce transactions were RMB 1,133.9 million (+ 32.2% QoQ).

UTStarcom invest in video platform aioTV

UTStarcom Holdings Corp, a Beijing based provider of broadband equipment and solutions has acquired a 44% stake in aioTV, cloud-based video aggregation and distribution platform. The deal gives UTStarcom access to technology that will bolster its rollout of subscription-based value added media services, while giving a U.S.-based aioTV a partner with whom to offer its technology in emerging markets in Asia. aioTV has developed a middleware platform that combines conditional access and content management tools for network operators to aggregate multiple sources of content into a consistent TV-like experience across connected devices.

The technology locates and aggregates Internet and licensed video content metadata and delivers a common experience and content to viewers on a range of connected devices – any device that supports an HTML5 environment. UTStarcom will sell aioTV's technology to asian regional cable service providers and broadcasters. The aioTV platform will allow these operators to package and control a mixture of web content, licensed linear and video on demand (VOD) content into a consistent video experience that runs across connected devices in any language and on any broadband network. In the long-term, UTStarcom will also look for opportunities to jointly develop new service offerings with aioTV in collaboration with the Company's other strategic partners, such as iTV Media.