Popular Chinese Author Overseas according to ex 360buy.com / The9 Limited Q3 and Q4 2012 Financial Results

Chine quick review: JD.com & popular author, The9 & financial results, Hisense & smartTV

JD.com Global: Han Han Most popular Chinese author overseas

JD.com Global, the international website of Jingdong (ex 360buy.com), a Chinese direct B2C e-commerce company, today released a list of the most popular modern Chinese authors abroad, based on the site's global sales numbers, excluding mainland China.

JD.Com Global Site Top Chinese authors

1 韩寒 (Han Han)
2 莫言 (Mo Yan)
3 柴静 (Chai Jing
4 余华 (Yu Hua)
5 吴念真 (Wu Nianzhen)
6 蒋勋 (Zhang Xun
7 三毛 (San Mao)
8 龙应台 (Long Yingtai)
9 张小娴 (Zhang Xiao
10 余秋雨 (Yu Qiuyu)

The9 Limited reports third and fourth quarter 2012 unaudited financial results

Shanghai based The9 Limited, an online game developer and operator, announced its unaudited financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012 and the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2012 today. The net revenues in the third quarter of 2012 amounted to RMB32.4 million (US$5.2 million), an increase of 19% from RMB27.2 million (US$4.4 million) in the third quarter of 2011. Our net revenues in the Q4 2012 amounted to RMB18.6 million (-33% year over year). The gross profit in Q3 2012 amounted to RMB14.8 million (+9% yoy).

The gross loss in the Q4 2012 amounted to RMB1.3 million, compared to gross profit of RMB13.3 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, primarily reflecting a decrease in net revenue from MMO. In the Q3 2012, net loss attributable to holders of ordinary shares was RMB168.7 million, (+ 80% yoy). In Q4 2012, net loss attributable to holders of ordinary shares was RMB115.9 million (+8% yoy).

Hisense launches a fastest smart TV

Beijing, based Hisense launched VIDAA, a new User Interface (UI) for Smart TV. VIDAA comes with a new simplified remote control, an new channel surfing and four distinct content "silos" to access desired content : Live TV, Video On Demand, Media Center for personal content, and Applications. VIDAA TV is an interface designed and engineered by Jamdeo, an innovative joint venture company founded by Hisense and based in Toronto, Canada. VIDAA has been already launched in China and will be introduced in the first trimester of 2014 in Q1 2014 North America.