Baby care industry needs a vibrant reproduction market. In China, not only do I witness new born babies everywhere, but also new born brands in this sector of business. Recently I detected such one named “BÉRRIS”, claimed to be high end products for maternity & babies, collaborated with lab ITODYS, founded by “Monsieur BÉRRIS” who should be the inheritor of royal nanny tradition since le Roi-Soleil in France. Pure marketing exaggeration, I would say, because googling “BÉRRIS” either in English or French language, you would find nothing related to baby care. However via Baidu and in Chinese domain, you would. My question is, when foreign premium brands of baby care intend to tap deeper into China, can they beat down those pretended ones?

To be careful about my judgment on “BÉRRIS”, I asked a French father whether he has ever heard of “BÉRRIS” in France. His answer was “Never heard or seen in my dad's life”…Ohlala…Additionally he kindly offered me a short list of good European brands for baby care:

  • Mustela
  • Logona
  • Alpaderm
  • Prim'age
  • Apivita

I perceive above brands have weak or no presence in China market at this stage. Under the magnifying glass of e-commerce and digital marketing, even worse, no trace at all (I mean their official digital footprints in China, not the kind in Taobao C2C or in a random cosmetic e-retailer) Why I bring “e-commerce” to the table again, because that is what “BÉRRIS” is vigorously doing right now. According to iResearch, online transaction size of maternity & baby care is expected to reach RMB 61 billion in 2012, 86% increase from 2011. Actually it is not my first time to write about this exciting sector, you can check my previous post here.

“BÉRRIS”, the company was incorporated in 2010 in Canton, and since July this year, it has launched two e-stores separately on two leading B2C platforms, Taobao Mall and Yihaodian. Here is the look at its flagship store on Taobao: nice, clean, French ambiance display, prices range from RMB50~300, while products are made in China. I suppose it will start social media campaign before long, as I already saw its branding messages filtered through few influential baby care education sites, i.e.

Trouble is if premium European brands of baby care enter into China, I think they would have a bit tough time ahead, because in such arena, at the branding level, they would also be this “new born” in the eyes of most Chinese mums, or might look no huge difference with “BÉRRIS”.

Still take it easy, do your digital marketing job, kick off creative social media campaign, inculcate your Chinese consumers about how great, or most importantly, how safe your products are. Sounds like an old song now days? Yes, after all, there is nothing new under the sun. Then how, need Inspiration? The two incumbent baby care brands in China, which are very successful in digital marketing and worthy of emulation, at least in my opinion, are Johnson’s baby and Pigeon, albeit with palpable first mover advantage.


By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager