Online coupons integrated into offline POS, store traffic calculation with mobile technologies, mobile payments initiated through outdoor QR Codes... And more than 100 applications on the Chinese App Store and Android market are about online to offline. The Digital Business Club will give you an overview on how companies are linking their existing assets, bridging the online and offline worlds in the most efficient way. It's not only about online to offline. It's about online to offline and vice versa.

In this event, L'Atelier Asia will also present the last trends in the O2O/web-to-store sector. Our Chinese and English speakers will explain how to take include these technologies into the retailer business model.

Part of the event will be in Chinese, with a translation in English.

Confirmed panelists :

- L'Atelier Asia: O2O market and one best practice on WeChat

- Mr. Kaniste FU, PR Manager at from DingDing: online couponing

Founded in 2005, DingDingis one of China's largest mobile coupon application services. Recently it launch wireless Smart Reader system. This in-house developed Smart Reader will be able to complete and verify Online-to-Offline (O2O) transactions and generate real-time statistical data to help understand consumer behavior and trends.

- Mr. David LIU, CEO at Jiepang: China's biggest location based social network

Founded in 2010, Jiepang’s location-based check-in app has attracted more than 5 million users. Recently Jiepanglaunched an all new design in version 5.0, helps users record and track all of their life activities, connect with friends in specific moments and explore communities of people that have similar interests. Those users can earn badges and share their check-ins on and interact with 300+ partner brands.

- Mr. Brian XIN, CEO at StarryMedia: O2O transaction for local merchants

Found In 2009, Starry media aims to use the success of social networking to carry out  targeted marketing and research. It mixes a SaaS based O2O service, a consumer engagement portal, and a digital research platform. By gathering O20 and survey research platforms, starry media allows to deliver targeted benefits such as promotions, coupon, paid surveys... and help to build a relashionship with brands and consumers.

- Mr. Marc RIVOIRA,  Managing Director at World-of-mouth to online world services, social network listening.

Founded in 2008, Wildfire wanted to provide brands APAC with the technology to activate their fans. Since then, they have built a toolset to cover the entire social marketing framework (monitoring, content publishing, response...). Wildfire is backed by Ideas Ventures, the Singaporean government  and a consortium of independent angel investors in APAC.

- Mr. Ruijie CHEN, Marketing Manager, Dianping: online urban city guide in China

Hailed as China’s Yelp, the company was founded in 2003. It is the largest local review service in the country, with a strong focus on restaurant. Now its Dianpinghas offered its service to over 2300 cities/towns in China, has over 1.5millions merchants registered in its database. The number of monthly active users has reached 48millions and its mobile applications also claims over 40millions users.