In China's digitally driven market,  consumer journey could begin anywhere: the traditional purchase funnel doesn’t exist anymore.

With online to offline rapid growth, The point of sales becomes a new digital asset that retailers need to connect with the online sphere, in order to bring the consumer at the center of their digital strategy.

In this panel discussion, L’Atelier Asia will introduce “Digital innovation at the point of sales in China”. Our experts will illustrate the interactions you can create within the customer journey. In this session, you will have a clear overview of the insights you can obtain with in-store measurements and analysis, and how to anticipate the messages your customers may like to hear from your brand.

Solutions: Augmented reality, interactive touch screens, In-store analytics, iBeacon...


Tuesday September 23rd
from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Conference starts at 7:00pm

Round Table and live demo