Do not be surprised when entering the metro to see all passengers to attend the same occupation despite the crowd and the lack of comfort at peak hours. Observe this uniformity with their phone in hand, headphones plugged in their ears, they tilt head absorbed by their screen and ignoring the external environment while, we "Laowai" are trying not to miss a piece of what is surrounding us. What are they doing?

A reflex is to think they play, because we know Chinese love games and other betting activities, but they aren’t. The second thought is they surf on the internet, they shop online as  China’s e-commerce market is overtaking America’s since this year and the market is booming as it’s far from being mature. The last idea that jumped in my mind is that they are tweeting  on Weibo because they are among the 90 % of 510 million daily active users.

“Que nenni” ( I love this old French expression to say “not at all”)

They watch videos.  After reflecting it makes sense, no need to stop its activity to write a message bicycling, looking at a map while driving a scooter, shopping online in the office or post a  tweet during a meeting. But watching a movie, a series, or commercials requires time and the transport duration swell is a strong leverage to increase video on mobile consumption.

According to Nielsen Mobile Consumer Report, 54% of Chinese netizens are watching online video through mobile at least once a day. Watching video with the mobile is the new black!

Mobile has become the weapon of individuality in China, by giving the opportunity to each individual to access the content of his choice when he wants, where he wants, with a strong preference for video content.

This trend is confirmed by the figures that demonstrate the consumption of traditional TV is not decreasing. 46% Online video watchers declare not to have changed their behaviors and 32% have even increase their consumption.

So after having grown in multigenerational homes with a single TV screen, Mobile has become the weapon for Chinese individuality and video content the bullets.

By Julie Landau