Fashion brand 55DSL launches with a twitter trend / Rolta retains 2nd Rank in the DQ-CMR Best employer survey / NOTCH entertainment & lifestyle magazine releases its second issue / 4G World expanding to India

India quick overview : 55DSL and Twitter, IT employer survey, NOTCH on Kindle, 4G World

Fashion Brand 55DSL Launches With a Twitter Trend

55DSL is the fresh, young spin-off of the iconic Italian fashion brand Diesel. The brand launched its presence in India with the campaign "Paint Your Town" recently. To unleash its digital presence, 55DSL partnered with Brandmovers India to launch a visually appealing and thought-provoking Twitter campaign and micro site built around the concept of "55 Seconds To Live". Using the hashtag #55SecondsToLive, users tweeted about what they would do if they had 55 seconds to live. Within the first hour of launch, #55SecondsToLive was a trending topic across India and continued for the next three days. The associated micro site has generated over five million media impressions to date and a FWA (Favorite Website Award) nomination within the first week. All #55SecondsToLive tweets painted a virtual graffiti wall on a micro site, unlocking various 55DSL merchandise prizes. To date, the micro site has had more than 6,000 unique visitors who stick around for 1.30 minutes on average. You can view the live site at and also gain more insights with the campaign video,


Rolta Retains 2nd Rank in the DQ-CMR Best Employer Survey - 2012

Rolta today announced that it has been ranked at the second position in the 2012 Dataquest-CMR Survey of Best Employers in the IT Sector for the second year in a row. Rolta has been placed in the top four Best Employers for the fifth consecutive year. In the DQ-CMR Best Employer Survey 2012, the survey questionnaire was sent to around 200 IT Companies and information was sought on various parameters. Rolta topped in 'Managing Slowdown,' 'Company Image' and 'Gender Inclusivity' categories.  The Company secured the 2nd position for 'Preferred Employer,' 'Company Culture' and 'Ranking by Employees.' In fact, Rolta has exceeded the industry averages far ahead of its peers in many of the parameters. The survey attributes Rolta's ranking to various factors such as compensation, job content, training, transparent appraisal, employee welfare policies and activities, and positive work environment etc. Rolta is a provider of IT solutions for vertical segments, including Federal and State Governments, Defense/HLS, Utilities, Process, Power, Banking and Insurance. 


NOTCH - India's Entertainment & Lifestyle Magazine Releases its Second Issue

NOTCH is  India's first interactive, digital publication showcasing contemporary India to a global audience. With a strong focus on entertainment, NOTCH showcases lifestyle through fashion, design, art, food and travel. The content is delivered through state-of-the-art technology platforms. NOTCH is now available to subscribers on Kindle, apart from iPad, Android tablets and a downloadable web version from the NOTCH website. Features of NOTCH include:Interactive tools that allow readers to scroll, flip, swipe and navigate their way through content, Embedded photo galleries that allow for a limitless showcase of high-res images, Audio files with pitch perfect sound, videos within articles bring static content to life. NOTCH, which recently launched a Facebook page, has over 320,000 fans.


4G World Expanding to India

UBM TechWeb, a technology media and professional information company, and producer of 4G World, today announced 4G World India, a conference and expo covering the entire ecosystem of next-generation 4G mobile broadband technologies in India. 4G World India will take place at the Epicentre, Gurgaon, Delhi, April 25 and 26, 2013. 4G World India will include content rich conference sessions, summits and workshops, live technology demonstrations and an exposition covering a full range of 4G and mobile broadband strategies and solutions. The conference program and expo will also synthesize network infrastructure, software and operating systems with the growing device ecosystem including smartphones, tablets and the underlying technology driving innovations in 4G.