Hyderabad Angels invest $400K a Social Recruiting Company / India to be fastest growing trade market till 2020

India quick overview : investments in social recruitment, India = the super trader

Hyderabad Angels invest $400K a Social Recruiting Company

WhistleTalk, a social recruiting company, received an investment of $400K by Hyderabad Angels. WhistleTalk - launched just two month ago - is a referral hiring application that enables company employees and hiring managers to use their social networks to find the right talent for the right job. Tue principle is simple : Employees earn a referral bonus from their respective companies, applicants find access to hidden openings till now known only to current employees.

The company says its matching and virality engine ensures that opportunities reach the best candidates at the earliest : « as openings are referred by friends, even passive candidates are more likely to apply. Job seekers are further motivated because all applications are employee referred. For the company, getting qualified candidates who already know about their company and at a significantly lower cost makes sense. ».

India to be fastest growing trade market till 2020

India represents the fastest growing import or export partner (or both) between 2013-15 or 2016-2020 for 23 markets, according to HSBC Trade Forecast. India tops the tables for all 23 markets surveyed as either their fastest import or export growth partner out to 2020. Bilateral trade between China and India is set to increase significantly. India will be the fastest expanding market for Chinese products, with export growth averaging 20% a year during 2013-15 and 17% a year during 2016-20.

Meanwhile, India exports to China are set to grow 23% between 2013-15 and 19% in 2016-20. India's trade growth can be linked to its growing consumer wealth and emerging middle class; investment in infrastructure development; the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); its diverse range of exports and a move to produce goods higher up the value chain, and its developing role as a supply chain hub for Asia.