Unmetric releases an infographic about IPL teams and social media / Diebold launches a new Automated Teller machine (ATM), the Diebold 429

India quick review : Cricket and social media, intelligent powered ATM

Cricket and social media

Unmetric, a social media benchmarking company releases infographic to investigate how the eight Indian Premier League cricket teams are using social media. It was found that most teams were fairly evenly matched on Facebook.

The eight IPL teams have captured a total of 8.5m fans on Facebook, yet the top three teams command more than 72% of the total fans.

Unmetric calculates fan engagement based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions that each post receives to create an Engagement Score.

The average Engagement Score for all the teams was 74. All eight IPL teams have embraced Twitter and using the Unmetric Score, there is little to differentiate between them.

For most teams, their Twitter accounts grew between 4% and 8% except for Sunrisers Hyderabad which saw 142% growth. The teams sent an average of 325 tweets each during the time period analysed. IPL teams appear to still view Twitter mostly as a publishing platform as replies make up an average of just 12% of the tweets sent.

On YouTube, it was the Sunrisers Hyderabad that lead the field with an Unmetric Score of 31. Royal Challengers and Knight Riders followed in 2nd and 3rd with scores of 24 and 18 respectively. Pune Warriors finished bottom with an Unmetric Score of 12.

Diebold Launches intelligent powered ATM

Diebold launches a new Automated Teller machine (ATM), the Diebold 429. According to the company press release, this machine is specifically designed to meet the demand for a robust self-service terminal in urban and rural areas of India.

Built with a intelligent power management system, it automatically switches between three possible power sources (solar panel, alternating current (AC) grid and internal battery), maximizing terminal uptime.

By utilizing alternative power sources, the ATM could consume approximately 40 % less energy than the previous generation of cash dispensers available in the Indian market. In addition, the self-service terminal has an integrated four-hour battery backup .

The Diebold 429 could be equipped with an optional single-note acceptor (SNA) that enables small-volume currency deposits and bill payments at the ATM.

It also includes a set of security features: Europay, MasterCard and Visa card reader, biometric technology and provision for dual security cameras