WebNMS Forays into the Machine-to-Machine solutions Space With the launch of ATM Site Manager / Niti Digital launches IndiaVotes.com, India's largest elections database / Smesauda.com - India's First SME supermarket of Industrial Products / BAAP Ratings - India's Bollywood ratings launched / Mobisparks Conference identifies key mobile trends in India

India quick review : M2M, industrial ecommerce, election DB, Bollywood ratings, mobile trends

WebNMS Forays Into the Machine-to-Machine Solutions Space With the Launch of ATM Site Manager

WebNMS, a division of Zoho Corp. and a global provider of network and element management solutions, announced the launch of ATM Site Manager, a M2M product for ATMs, developed from Chennai for the global banking industry. The ATM Site Manager will remotely monitor passive infrastructure like air conditioners, camera, lighting systems, battery banks, door lock systems, etc. across thousands of ATM sites and will generate actionable information in real time. The product is built on the WebNMS Framework, which is a highly scalable network management product, deployed more than 25,000 times for telecom service providers across the globe.. WebNMS ATM Site Manager solution consists of a hardware unit, the Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) which communicates to machines via sensors and relays and a Central Management software based on the WebNMS Framework. The RTU communicates to the central management system through Ethernet/GRPS/SMS..

Niti Digital Launches IndiaVotes.com, India's Largest Elections Database

Mumbai-based media and technology company Niti Digital has announced the launch of IndiaVotes.com, India's largest public elections resource. It covers all Lok Sabha elections since 1952 and all state elections since 1977. Much of the raw data for the site has been sourced from the public domain and then processed to make it useful for analysis. The idea behind making this data publicly accessible is to encourage data-driven decision making in the political domain. Even though election data is available online, it is not easily searchable or cannot be consumed in structured formats necessary for analysis. IndiaVotes aims to become the open-source equivalent of election information in India. Niti is an acronym for New Initiatives To Transform India and has been founded by serial technology entrepreneur Rajesh Jain. Niti Digital has teams working in the digital media space, on elections  and in creating collaborative technology platforms for community organising. IndiaVotes already has over 200 national as well as state elections data sets that will be further enriched with inputs from users. Going ahead, voters will be able to add information on issues affecting their constituency.

Smesauda.com - India's first SME supermarket of industrial products

After seeing robust growth in its existing business products & services category, India's first SME supermarket smesauda.com launch deals and discounts in the industrial products division. The initial product category will include general use industrial products which small businesses can now buy online conveniently at low prices. The industrial products range will include pumps, induction motors, power tools, cutting tools, lubricants, generators, testing instruments, packaging material, bearings and electrical accessories for now. Smesauda brings together a wide assortment of such products by the process of not just filtration through quality, but also the sales and service support of the manufacturer. These products are manufactured by many local and branded players with varying quality and assortment. Smesauda envisions the small businesses in tier 2 and tier 3 cities to benefit the most through this launch. Access, price, ease of finding everything under one roof and guided purchases will help SME's across India. Smesauda will also be launching industry specific products over the next few months.

BAAP Ratings - India's Bollywood Ratings Launched

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti has created a unique rating system for Bollywood called BAAP (Bollywood Algorithm for Assessment of Popularity) Ratings. These ratings take into consideration only those factors that are directly proportional to the people's view. BAAP Ratings will be “the first scientific and democratic ratings” to assess popularity of stars and films in India. BAAP Ratings is a ranking system of Bollywood's top actor, actress and film of the week. Calculations are based on factors like the first day and overall collections which reflect the popularity of the stars; consistency which is measured by the last two releases of the star; efficiency which is a coefficient of the cost of making the film and the revenue generated so that smaller films of low budgets which are doing well also get justice; ratings by top critics and media and voting by fans apart from many other factors. After inputs in all these areas, BAAP ratings comes up with a weekly ranking which is displayed on the website www.merabollywood.in which is updated every week. 10000 Bollyshares are allotted free of cost to each registrant on the site, the member then has the right to invest these notional shares on his favourite stars and the values of these shares rise and fall based on the performance of the stars and their movies. There is also a voting system in place called BOL PUBLIC BOL on the website.

Mobisparks conference identifies key mobile trends in India

The inaugural edition of MobiSparks, a conference and showcase of Indian mobile startups, ended on an energetic note in Bangalore today. Over 300 attendees attended the packed event, sponsored by Sequoia Capital, Vodafone, One97 Mobility Fund and UK Trade and Investment. Hot mobile trends identified by the expert panel at MobiSparks include: home automation, personalised infotainment, commerce, local deal apps and healthcare. The top Indian mobile startups picked at the event are: IQLECT, Grene Robotics, Visarity Technology, App Me In, SectorQube Technolabs, Uniphore, AstralPad, Rhapsody Labs, Jana Care, Remo Software, MintM Loyalty Services, AirGol.com, MobileCozy Solutions, and RainingClouds Technologies. The leading mobile apps from India for 2012 are: Twaang, Hubbl, WooMe, LoReMo and PhonOn. There were also pitches by four new apps being recently launched: InTouchApp for contact management, DeckApp for making presentations from mobile devices.