No one could avoid the trends of internet, even medical treatment, one of the most conservative industries in China. When I entered the meeting room of Mobile Medical & Health Investment Forum, a doctor was giving the speech, ‘ a new resident physician with doctorate only get 2 to 3 thousands per month in Shanghai, a chief physician, however, could get at least one million per year.’ Sure enough, the huge difference impressed me a lot, at the mean time, it gave me a good explanation at the beginning of the online medical’s popularity.

It is written by Hanna Chen, analyst consultant in L'Atelier Asia

Everyone could feel the difficulty when go to the hospital in China. Uneven distribution of medical resources lead to the differentiation, people in rural areas are going to the big hospitals in big cities to get better treatment. At the same time, citizens in China also prefer the big hospitals even with the slight illness. Medical sources need a better and more efficient channel to open up to the public. From doctors’ standpoint, younger doctors’ salary is hard to support their life in big cities. Meanwhile, their capabilities and time are not fully used. Doctors’ moonlighting is always in the legal limbo.

Internet medical is not a new stuff, platforms which connect physicians and patients such as 120ask, haodf were established almost 10 years ago. And it’s just a part of the whole internet medical industry. Remote chronic disease management, informatization service for hospital and wearable device, these fields are also booms while Chinese pay more attention on the health and medical treatment.

Another reason for the internet medical popularity is the BAT’s investment since the public always follow their focus. DXY got $70 million investment from Tencent one month ago, just a day after, Baidu launched its smart chopsticks which could test the food’s nutrition, calorie and shelf life. Alipay, the biggest 3rd party payment system in China owned by Alibaba, opened its platform to hospitals in May and connected with their account system, patients could make the appointment, do the payment and remark on physicians and hospitals online while take the test and treatment offline.

It seems quite a big progress, but it’s still just a beginning. People continually require the efficiency and transparency of the market, internet is such the tool to meet this need and even give us surprise. What’s the next surprise? Waiting and see.