6 out of 10 Apps are often born and dead without much notice. Nevertheless there will always be some rising stars and really up to our favor to determine their surviving fate. Among them certain Apps are really catering to China users’ behavior which are worthy of our sincere applauses. So here come this little Karaoke(KTV) in your palm.

Changba has been the new hit since its release toward the end of May this year; even managed to climb onto the top 5 free Apps in the ranking list of App store in China. The founder of Changba is a man named Chenghua, born in 1978, and served for Alibaba Group in the past. His idea of KTV App was actually inspired by the success of Instagram. Because it is the age of mobile social sharing, and we had enough on photos/images, and now maybe time for voice/sound. KTV in fact fits Asian culture and Changba just transplanted such experience into your tiny smartphone.

I downloaded Changba and played with it. Easy to use, basically you select a song you like, sing it with the lyrics shown on your mobile phone screen while recording (you even get a score upon finishing your singing and recording), then post and share with it (including share it to your other SNS or microblogging, ie. Renre, Sina or Tencent weibo). In case people happen to love your performance, you would receive their digital flower as a token of their support, and your fans even can leave comments to your as well. In future we might be able to dig out a super singer from this little KTV App community, who knows! In fact professional singers are signing up Changba as well.

I think there are already similar KTV Apps around. But Changba seemed more viral since it puts more attention on its social sharing features. Many young beautiful girls, often born after 90s, are joining this wave, which must be a big attraction for guys. Just imagine you click on a pretty girl photo, listen to her lovely singing, while watching a video show of her sexy profile pictures. What a pleasant enjoyment, right? You can follow the girl you like, and listen to her updated performance. These ultimately bring out our “audio” meaning of mobile social sharing.

Of course copyright for music is always an issue in China. Changba said it already purchased the copyrights of 2000 songs for its database and that is why it has less song options compared with other KTV Apps. Heedless of copyrights, it is said Changba already caught attentions from some investors. The prospect of Changba might be versatile, including mobile advertising, its paid version, a lucrative value chain in the entertainment industry etc.

For better or for worse, I think this kind of App is exactly what younger generation of Chinese needs, and they obviously need more of those cool Apps. The fervor of KTV App probably will not last too long; after all, nothing in the internet business lasts long enough. But at least for now, it is a buzz we should talk about.

By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager