The upper level of the investment world in China is still dominated by men, quite often haughty and foxy men. No matter how often we pay lip services to “feminism” or “equality of two genders”, this is not going to dramatically change in the near future. However few females have always managed to beat the odds and accomplish kind of success which would win the applause from every woman and excite the blush from every man. Kathy Xu is such woman and perhaps the most successful woman investor in China internet business.

Kathy Xu, perhaps the most successful female investor in China internet business
Back in 2008, Forbes already wrote an article about her titled “RainMaker”. In 2014, Forbes ranked her No.47 on the list of Asia Power Woman. Born in an ordinary Chinese family, with a university degree in English, her very first job was simply a clerk in Bank of China, which essentially opened the door for her to step into finance field. 4 years later, she joined PriceWaterCoopers in HongKong, a turning point in her life. Then whether attribute to destiny or luck, of course combined with toil and trial, her career path accelerated into exponential growth, joined various top financial firms, gaining valuable and first hand experiences 
In 2005, she knew she was ready on her own and set up a private equity firm in Shanghai called “Capital Today”. 9 Years has elapsed, her firm’s investment record is engraved with glories, as if “Midas”, companies she has invested turn into golden while humble men through her became millionaires. 
She has the hunter eyes for startup entrepreneurs who have burning passions to build a brand targeted at mass consumers in China, for example Zkungfu (reputable China fast food chain stores). She also has keen interests in China internet business, i.e. her investment in Dianping (China’s most influential online food/life services review site).
But for any investor becoming truly symbolic, she would need an iconic deal. There came her masterpiece so far: recent IPO of JD, China second largest e-retailer. She was the very first investor who gave USD10 million seed funding to Richard Liu, the founder of JD when the guy initially just asked for USD 2 million. Her financial acumen plus woman’s natural intuition told her this man and his little online shop would be the rock in the diamond. Today it is said her return on JD investment should be over 100 times. 
There is often no secret formula for investment success, however during an interview conducted by a local press, Kathy Xu emphasized the word “prudence”. She said:"others might invest 3 projects in a years, we, on the other hand, focus on one project in 3 years".
By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager