Samsung Electronics and Peel Technologies announce asian expansion of second screen remote app / Infraware wants to launch a US $30 Android Smartphone

Korean quick review : remote control and $30 mobile phone

Samsung Electronics and Peel Technologies announce asian expansion of second screen remote app

Samsung Electronics, Inc., the Korean consumer electronics specialist, today announced the international expansion of Smart Remote app from Peel. This launch represents the first phase of a global rollout, beginning with localized TV program information in over 20 countries and 13 languages across Europe and Southeast Asia. International Samsung GALAXY Tab users on devices with integrated IR ports or the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1, can now use Peel to find shows and movies as well as control their TV using the remote control functionality on their Samsung tablet device. When paired with the Peel Smart Remote app, Samsung mobile devices with built-in IR functionality enable a seamless Second Screen entertainment experience. Peel and Samsung will continue this expansion, with plans to be available in over 50 countries by the spring of 2013. Beginning today, Peel Smart Remote is available in Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan in Asia.For Europe : Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom in Europe. For all other mobile devices, the international Peel TV discovery app will be available for free download at Google Play and the iTunes App Store in the coming Store in the coming months

Infraware wants to launch a US $30 Android Smartphone

INFRAWARE, calling itself a “technology innovator for Android software and services” today launch the ultra low-cost Android-based smartphone platform, Polaris Smartphone Suite (PSS). PSS enables phone manufacturers to develop Android smartphones at a cost of approximately US $30. Manufacturers and wireless carriers can develop the platform further and modify it for end-user customization. Using MediaTek's MT6257 baseband processor and collaborating with phone makers, INFRAWARE plans to launch its first PSS smartphones in December, first in China followed by India, Russia and other markets in South East Asia and Latin America. PSS users can search for information on the internet, send and receive emails, view and edit documents, enjoy high-resolution mobile games, share experiences through SNS, and take pictures and watch videos. Users are also able to download and enjoy more than 1000 Android applications at the Crossmo App store.