L'Atelier is an enterprise in perpetual evolution. However, we thought it was time to pull together our experience to date and showcase ourselves as an international company. And in so doing, to build the platform for our future adventures. This is atelier.net and it will be what you, the user, make of it.

I am delighted to unveil to you our new international online platform atelier.net, a showcase for what L'Atelier is today.  A conduit for innovative ideas, L’Atelier enjoys an ideal internal-external view thanks to its setting within the BNPParibas Group. This means we obtain day-to-day experience in the pathways - and the pitfalls - of innovation and our work is firmly rooted in the practicalities of doing business in various fields.  This is our positioning, our unique selling point.  These are our credentials. This is L'Atelier: the interface between major business corporations and the uses to which new technologies can be put. And it calls for a unique space, an international, multilingual platform, a single address: atelier.net

You know L'Atelier as a company that spots and examines new usages, whether from the world of finance or from other sectors such as health care, transport, telecomms, or luxury goods. L'Atelier speaks to managers from transversal departments such as marketing, communications, or human resources, for whom innovation is a strategic challenge.  But above all - and as the head of an entity geared to disruptive innovation, this is one of my key drivers -  L'Atelier’s task is now to get these different professionals communicating with each other and working together within each company. That’s the meaning of the word ‘collaboration’ – real cooperation. 

The purpose of our platform is therefore to be a unified space that represents our geographical triangle - Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai- in all its diversity, a lens that will gather in and focus the rays of light emanating from our experts in these regions. But above all, we are there to help you to bridge the gap, to enhance your capabilities, based on a simple concept: the digital journey – through tracking, field trips, training, studies and consulting, events, or our laboratory. All our efforts have but one goal: to equip you with the tools that will improve your know-how in the field of innovation and enable you to make it work within your company.

It is therefore vital to have a dissemination & discussion platform that clearly highlights our various services. I hope that atelier.netwill continue to accompany you on your digital journey in the future and to fulfil your expectations.