A different kind of “march of the penguins” (the penguin being the Linux mascot) occurred as technology users and enthusiasts from around the world descended upon San Francisco, CA Aug. 4- 7 for the 18th annual LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. In support of open source technology and Linux-based initiatives, the conference sessions and presentations highlighted Linux’s new role in consumer technologies, including operating systems, mobile phone capabilities, and the corporate


“Linux technology is playing a key role in the growth areas of computing,” says Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation.

During a feature presentation on the successes and challenges of the state of the Linux ecosystem, Zemlin compared an operating system to a digital cage in which we operate our computers. While Microsoft is the prison with “300 pounds of malware,” Apple, on the other hand, is the “cool place to hang out.”

What is the Linux community like? Burning Man – open, with the freedom to create, which is why Motorola and Google are using Linux-based technologies for their innovative mobile phone projects.

Interview by Jason Alyesh of the CEO of OBM, Alexandre Zapolsky. OBM, maintained by LINAGORA, is recognized now has "the GPL enterprise-class email and groupware solution"

According to Christy Wyatt, vice president of ecosystem and market development for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business, Linux-based systems are attractive because of low cost and the openness for developer collaboration and product customization. Motorola offers mobile platforms that range from the basic phone-call device to the multi-media mobile hand-held and needed open access to build various platforms.

“Open source is ideal to innovate quickly and at any level,” says Wyatt.

Low cost, customization and collaboration seem to be the main reasons Linux has become more popular over the years. With more developers and companies collectively contributing to the Linux operating system, Linux hopes to compete with Microsoft and Apple in the operating system arena. With larger distribution, greater functionality and a unique user experience, Linux may prove a serious competitor.