We know mobile commerce should be the biggest thing in China, but it turns out the gateway to that still links to those big e-commerce platforms on PC. I suppose for many people, life is same set of drama everyday, including shopping behavior, though gradually shifted to mobile purchase.

Eguan, a local research company, released the top 10 shopping apps in China ranked by active users during August 2013.

Here is the ranking list:

1)       Taobao 63.2 million

2)       JD 42.4 million

3)       Tmall 36.5 million

4)       Yihaodian 35.6 million

5)       Suning 26.8 million

6)       Dangdang 23.7 million

7)       Vipshop 11.5 million

8)       Yixun 10.3 million

9)       Vancl 7.9 million

10)   Amazon 6.3 million.

Now maybe better to have a review of the market share performance for these e-commerce platforms. I have the data came from iResearch during Q2 2013

Since Taobao is C2C, which by the way occupies over 90% of C2C market share in China, we rule it out in below B2C platform ranking:

1)       Tmall 50.8%

2)       JD 17.1%

3)       Tencent Mall 5.6%

4)       Suning 5%

5)       Amazon 2.2%

6)       Vipshop 2%

7)       Gome 1.9%

8)       Dangdang 1.8%

9)       Yihaodiang 1.4%

10)   Vancl 0.7%

11)   Others 11.6%

So no big surprise, Taobao and Tmall combined take about 100 million active users in terms of mobile commerce. They are the biggest entry portal on PC and consumers would carry on such inveterate shopping habit through mobile.

Yihaodian, though ranked lower in overall e-commerce market share, it actually has more active mobile shoppers compared to others, which should make sense because a sudden urge of grocery purchase i.e. a bottle of drink, snacks… comes naturally to click the phone on your palm.  

Amazon might need to improve its mobile strategy. It ranked the 5th in terms of market share, but by app active users, the bottom. How come?

As for the rest of people who are not on this list and would like to launch their own independent shopping App, well, tough battle ahead. Taobao, Tmall and JD would attract most consumers and host their crowded mobile carnivals. Any hope? Guess only your brand lovers or loyal customers would visit your independent App, so focus on nurturing their commitment, though still will not be that easy.


By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager