Recently due to a client project assigned by my boss, I did some research on “social recruiting”. I think using social media for recruitment is a rising trend; however it still has not become mainstream yet. Companies which are lagged behind in social recruiting must make some bold moves now. Because younger generations would prefer to seek job opportunities or at least get to know your corporate culture through various channels of social media.

In China, I remember the much exalted social recruiting case came from Deloitte, which was well elaborated in WSJ. Unlike rest of the world, in this country, Sina Weibo, has become the most viable channel right now to launch or promote your recruitment campaign.  

In West, many perceived Sina Weibo is a Twitter equivalent in China, however it is more than that. It essentially merges the powers and features of both Facebook and Twitter. Copycats of Linkedin in China, i.e. Ushi and Tianji, have not gained much traction. Rumor said Ushi just conducted layoff and is running out of cash. I suppose concept like “online professional networking” still needs time to develop in China. On the other hand, Chinese people do not seem to define such a fine line between professional and personal; they tend to do all sorts of social networking on Sina Weibo, so why bother having an extra professional related social account?

Aside from Deloitte in China, big enterprises, for instance GE and BASF, also set good examples for social recruiting. The two opened their official accounts of campus recruitment on Sina Weibo. Strikingly they all target at new graduates, as they realized Sina Weibo should be the first stop of job seeking journey for these youngsters.

Outside China, rest regions of APAC might need to build a more holistic eco-system for social recruiting. Your employer branding needs to be present at least on Linkedin (a must have), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube; and perhaps test few new channels, like Instagram.

A while ago, I read an interesting blog about social recruiting in Singapore, check here. It mentioned DBS bank has a very well established company’s LinkedIn profile, followed by over 12,000 people, with engaging employees’ insights and relevant videos. Inspired by that, I did my further check up on its social media presence. Odd enough I cannot find its career page either on Facebook or Twitter.

In China, I knew DBS has a very strong consumer banking oriented presence on Sina Weibo. According to a local research company Viewconsult, investigated 40 banks, including domestic and foreign on Sina Weibo, DBS is one of the top 10 performers in terms of total number of followers and the ability of garnering followers on daily basis. However again I do not find its independent recruitment account/page on Sina Weibo.

I believe social recruiting is an indispensable part of package for online employer branding. It will be the norm in the future and has to be.

By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager