Facing the United States and Asia, Europe is seeking to develop its own technological might. Where do European search-engine projects stand today and in which direction are they developing? How is Europe going to deploy and develo

p contactless technologies applied to mobile phones? What is the European Union's policy on open source and libre software? What progress has been made on the European Digital Library?

You will find the answers in this special Europe report. Happy reading!

Report written by Anne Confolant and Mathilde Cristiani
Coordinated by Jean de Chambure

The Age of European Search Engines: Quaero, Theseus, and Pharos
Have Google and Yahoo spurred European search engine development? In April 2005, Jacques Chirac and the German government launched Quaero (Latin for "I seek"), a project to develop a multimedia search engine with the ability to index images, sounds, and videos.
Europeana: European Babel Takes on Google Empire
A common cultural identity for Europe? Europeana, the European Digital Library (EDL), wants to collect a vast number of European scientific and cultural works and make the collection available for free at a single site.
Europe Rallies Together for Mobile Contactless Technology
The European Commission has taken a keen interest in mobile applications. At a time when contactless payments and other mobile services are on the rise, Brussels has decided to financially back the StoLPan (Store Logistics and Payment with NFC) project as part of the European Information Society Technologies (IST) program.
Will Europe Go Open Source?
What if the European Union moved away from proprietary systems connected with Microsoft and Apple and gradually turned to the world of libre software?