Wechat, in China, so far has captured heartfelt admiration from both users and companies. It is a love at first sight for everybody, but to leverage it for social marketing purpose might be another story. This time I encountered some interesting survey results to shed light on this.

According to a survey “Chinese Users of Wechat Public Platform Research Report” released by a local mobile data research agecny iiMedia in May 2013:

1)Only 24.5% of respondents frequently access to Wechat public accounts, while majority 42.5% occasionally do. 13% of them even chose to delete these accounts.

2)Among various types of public accounts:

  • 65.7% of respondents follow information oriented media accounts
  • 37.1% follow joke/entertainment
  • 31.4% selected tech related accounts
  • 20% follow celebrity

As for shopping/brand, only 7.7% respondent inclined to follow

3) How did Wechat users get to know these the public accounts in the first place?

  • 55.6% of respondents said it is more a way of expressing their extended interests or loyalty to these public accounts. They either already followed these accounts on Sina Weibo or are great fan of these corporate websites in the past
  • 38.9% of respondents described they simply found the QR code either in offline store or promotion brochure and had this urge to scan and follow.
  • 36.1% told they followed these accounts because of recommendation from friend circle on wechat

5)What are some key motivations behind Wechat users to follow public accounts?

  • 34.3% said to receive promotion/exclusive information
  • 26% said to keep track of hot topics/news
  • 22.9% just for the purpose of killing time or recreation

6)Why do users stop following Wechat public accounts?

  • 56.1% said because the message is too commercial or junk ad
  • 53.7% said because the information is meaningless, i.e. too lengthy or inaccurate
  • 31.7% simply considered the message is lack of creativity

A while ago, I wrote about “We chat how difficult it would become to attract your customers on Wechat”, check it here. So these survey data speak it all again, to some extent. The only caveat for this report is the survey was conducted 3 months ago, and before the launch of Wechat’s newest 5.0 version. We know in this country mobile users behaviors move fast like hurricane.




By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager