By 2050, the planet is expected to reach more than 9 billion inhabitants. Adding to the issues that this unavoidable population growth is bringing to our society, there has also been a growing concern over arable lands scarcity due to climate change and over the demand of an 'unequivocal' food traceability from the western consumers who made healthy eating a priority. So many inexorable challenges indeed, for which only few solutions have been found. But have we tried all that could be done? From the point of view of the US FoodTech industry, things are just getting started!

Foodtech is often wrongfully reduced by public opinion to services that only improve the daily lives of young urban professionals. But the economic weight and the scope of its innovations makes it a first-class ecosystem that can legitimately contemplate becoming the provider of breakthrough solutions to the food problems of today and tomorrow. Where does this certainty come from? From cellular agriculture and blockchain technologies to foodies communities or farm-to-consumer schemes, discover the solutions that will end up on our tables by downloading our study below!

L'Atelier présente son étude Foodtech

L'Atelier BNP Paribas's Study

Can technology be the magic food ingredient?
2017 US Foodtech trends
  • 16

    Jun 2016

  • San Francisco

Study by Agathe Foussat, Senior Strategic Analyst, and Matthieu Soulé, Head of Consulting & Lab, at L'Atelier North America.
Strategic Analyst