Now days, nothing can be said abut China mobile marketing except Wechat. But what really caught my attentions is those SelfMedia, grassroot netizens who are gradually shifting their social pivot into Wechat. And not surprisingly, those KOLs succeed in Sina Weibo are more likely to lure crowds on Wechat, while the rest are simply buried in obscurity. And most importantly Wechat and Weibo often go hand in hand to promote the success of SelfMedia.

Wechat Marketing,SelfMedia working like a charm?

I knew a guy who tried to launch his own personal media account on Wechat when this social mobile phenomenon just emerged. He has around 800 followers on Sina Weibo.

In the end, because he is a nobody on Sina Weibo. The experiment was a fiasco. He told me below:  

“…maintained this selfmedia for quite a while then signed off due to lack of popularity. The content/target audience per se is limited hence the employment of WeChat account wasn't a wise choice. With Internet at least people can google or baidu their way to posts, stuck within WeChat means the lack of findability...”

 But Wechat marketing is totally working like a charm for a man called “Gong Weng Xiang”. Claimed to be the “Sun God of KOL for China e-commerce” in southern region of China, though some said he hardly achieved any substantial e-commerce business glory while only excels in online self-aggrandizing marketing (over 200,000 followers on Sina Weibo perhaps a good proof).

 His Wechat account currently is running like an information portal to offer below free posting services among his fans and followers.


1)       The supply and demand information exchange between brands and e-commerce solution companies

2)       VC or investors interested in e-commerce venture

3)       E-commerce recruitment news

4)       Job seeker recommendation

5)       The supply and demand between online marketing agencies and e-commerce companies

6)       E-commerce professionals (beautiful females with photo only) desire to find friend or mate, so you will often see woman image with sexy pose below

Wechat MeMedia Marketing II

7)       The news of sell the possession of Tmall store

8)       Products sourcing for e-commerce or simply networking opportunity

The frequency of Mr. Gong’s post is at least 10 messages per day. Based on my observation, people do perceive him as the opinion shaper for e-commerce in Southern region, the real insider who perhaps gets the fastest and most accurate e-commerce news, and a voice amplifier to help people disseminate their e-commerce requests.

 One interesting side of his Wechat self media is he never gives up his Sina Weibo. Most of his Wechat fans are actually the traffics attracted from Weibo. Wechat and Weibo act like ensemble to keep building the momentum of online fame for Mr. Gong.

 And we know now days how your online influence can turn into something very valuable or even lucrative. Sadly it is still the big boy’s fame-building game and toy.   



By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager