Devices that make dogs & cats speak like humans, devices that help depressed parents to find some meanings in their toddler’s heavy cries. That’s totally out-dated. In Asia, this is the rise of the machines.

Asia loves in-App motor's sound

Maybe you are remembering the digital tool made by Fred&Farid for Porsche. They invented at their Shanghai studio a kind of music machine within a mobile app for geeks to create songs with Porsche motor's sounds. Now, it’s Yamaha Motor’s turn. The Japanese motor maker has just released RevTranslator. This - neither Windows nor Blackberry version - smartphone app analyzes Yamaha motor sounds and translates them into sentences like "Running is my happiness," "Give me a break, will you?" or "Let me go along with you until the end of the world"

As I’m not a car/moto/boat motor fan (except the Evinrude character from Disney's 1977 animated feature The Rescuers), I cannot give a truly pertinent appreciation of these inspired words. But the Yamaha digital team - or the digital agency behind the app - seems more inspired by the Harlequin’s  kinda literature to create the database of over 100 million phrases than by J.G. Ballard, writer of "Crash" novel and born in Shanghai. But to go back to the point; you need to remember that the philosophical slow movie, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” was partially shot in Honk-Kong and in Mainland China, and according to reliable sources (Wikipedia), partially produced by China's CCTV-6.

With all these clues, one conclusion: the Asia Pacific region may host the perfect nest for the unavoidable but yet-to-come cyborg movement. Or as we love to say in French, "ou pas" (or finally not, in English)

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia