Calling someone is the last thing you will do if you are using a smartphone and that you are Chinese

Chinese smartphone users spend more time with apps

Arbitron  - with iResearch Consulting - Mobile's smartphone Chinese panelists spend 55 % of their smartphone usage on apps. Voice call usage is 10%. Panelists in China spent 23 % of their smartphone time messaging (email, instant messaging, general messaging, MMS & SMS) and 12 % of their smartphone time browsing.

Women panelists in China use smartphones more than men. Women browse less and message more. Additionally, panelists who are the most avid smartphone users are adults 18-24 years old. Not surprisingly, panelists in the over 55 years of age demographic spend a larger share of their phone time with voice calls, while 18-24 year olds spend a larger share of their time messaging.