Research suggests that Chinese consumers tend to leapfrog traditional consumption approaches in favor of the latest digital tools and formats. Therefore in-store digital technology should become crucial to enhance overall consumers’ experience. Now at least a local restaurant in Beijing is trying to sizzle up its menu ordering service by integrating smart phone or ipad.

This Beijing restaurant group is called HuangJiHuang, famous for its dish of three-sauce simmer pot. Once customers enter the restaurant, they just need to use their smart phones to scan the QR code on the table; menu will pop up on the phone, and they can immediately start to order. Everything will be eventually connected and processed to the ipad on each table provided by the restaurant. At this stage, it is still an experiment conducted in one of its chain restaurants located in Xuanwumen Beijing. If it turns out a success, HuangJiHuang will be more likely to push it into franchisees nationwide.

It is said this digital ordering system for HuangJiHuang was provided by a Beijing company named (set up in 2008, specialized in WIFI service and information technology of catering etc.  

In sum, seamless digital experience integrated into the consumption journey will be an inevitable trend in the future. Digital ordering plus mobile payment seem to be time-saving and efficient, while also should have high adoption among younger generations in China. I am more than excited to notice the budding of digital ventures from those forerunner companies. 

By Cécilia Wu
English & Chinese Editorial Manager