I like web/mobile startups. Really. But what I really love is industrial startups.

ebusiness flower power = customization and industrial strategies

My own definition: a young or old-with-awesome-digital-strategy company that uses web and mobile to connect consumers to industrial machinery. That's why I'm so excited about Atol Les Opticiens, Moodbyme, about Les Nouveaux Ateliers, and the newly discovered inkfruit.com. Yes, I must confess that it is only new for me. 

This Indian company started in 2008, from one student of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay. So why talking about that ? Because they've just issue a press release. About what? I really still don't know but they've put some statistics: "Ranked amongst the top 300 most trafficked websites in India, 15,00,000 visitors every month, 344,733 likes, innumerable tweets, and has over 8,000 SKUs available and 2,000  items shipped daily to consumers across India".

And that after reading these numbers, I remembered the South African InkFruit-like, called SpringLeap. We had the chance  visited its creator, Eran Eyal, in 2011. And he had really impressed me.  Because he knows how to develop a web frontend. How to put some socialization within the ecommerce software. They also have the mastering of the back-end. And icing on the cake,  they know how to run a industrial machine. Yes, they are reading Technode, Techcrunch. But these entrepreneurs are also devotees of the industrial german fairs. 

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia