Education and the Era of Personalized Learning...If its time ever comes

In France, the education system is quite simple: the curriculum is the same for everyone, but teachers have the right to adapt it. In summary, one could say that the teachning program is different for everyone.

So is France therefore a leader in personalized learning? Maybe so, but French teachers might still be interested in a report released yesterday in Washington called "A System [Re]Designed for Personalized Learning" The report was created to help politicians and educational experts transform the system. How? Very simple :

Essential Elements (aka bullet point in the PowerPoint language)
1. Make Learning Flexible: Anytime, anywhere

2. Redefine and expand the role of the Teacher

3. Allow Project-Based Authentic Learning

4. Facilitate Student-Driven Learning

5. Follow a Mastery/Competency Skill-Based Progression/Pace


Policy Enablers
1. Redefine Use of Time (Carnegie Unit/Calendar)

2. Redefine and Expand the role of "Teacher

3. Project-Based Authentic Learning

4. Fund Models that Incentivize Completion

5. P-20 Continuum & Non-Age/-Grade Band System (one that understand this sentence can leave a message after the tone)


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By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia