Electronics and botany: when open source solutions come to the greenhouse

  • 06 Jul
  • 2 min

Because 'nature is open source', the French startup La Cool Co. believes that smart automation should be too. That is why it has developed an open source personal do-it-yourself smart greenhouse.

Headquartered in Paris, La Cool Co. (for 'the cool company') wants to extends the GreenTech sector to everyone's backyard. Its platform-based products enable the users to manage their plants and control their environment to make it optimal – think smaller, cheaper and smarter indoor growboxes and greenhouses, with automatic water supply, light cycles, ventilation, temperature and air moisture. With 'Le Petit COOL' (La Cool Co.'s initial product and the world's first open source DIY greenhouse kit) and 'La COOL Board' (a connected monitoring and controlling platform), the startup is all about giving its customers the keys to follow and watch their plants' growth: some basic electronic and scientific knowledge. The company was born two years ago, but the project started a few years before that when co-founders Antoine Berr and Carlos Santana were studying industrial design at ENSCI – Les Ateliers and worked on the Biobot research project, a mini greenhouse controlled by open source electronics. La Cool Co.'s solutions have been tested on cacao production for French chocolate maker Cémoi, and are now being used by companies for use cases such as cheese refining, beverage fermentation, aquaponic greenhouses and buildings' humidity monitoring. Open innovation and smart gardening still have fields to explore!

By Marie-Eléonore Noiré

La Cool Co. has been accelerated by Wai Boost, the acceleration program of L'Atelier BNP Paribas