Belgium is now linked to China: Digital Jungle will be the Asian port for corporate customers of the European digital agency

Emakina is launched on the Chinese Digital Jungle

At L’Atelier HQ in Paris, we have a good relationship with Emakina, a digital agency based in Brussels, with offices in Paris, Limoges, Geneva, Rotterdam and London... It makes me think that I must stop saying bad things on Limoges.

At L’Atelier Asia, we know few things about the Digital Jungle and his CEO, Dr Mathew McDougall (aka 赵马修 : 赵 for Zhao, 马 for horse and 修 for repair. But a sinogram all alone has no meaning in this context),   “Digital Marketer, Futurist, Entrepreneur, Strategy Advisor & China Social Media Expert”. The guy is impressive: Doctor of Philosophy, School of Maths, Science and Technology at Queensland University of Technology.  So we are very happy to read this morning that Emakina and Digital jungle are joining forces to expand Emakina's reach outside of the European market.

Just a reminder: the Belgium group has 450 employees and works for large organizations. It achieved a turnover of 41.3 million euro in 2011. As for Digital Jungle, it's a social influence marketing agency founded in China in 2007. Digital Jungle has offices in mainland China and Hong Kong, in Australia and in Japan. They are focused on vertical industries like Travel & Tourism, FMCG, Automotive and High Tech.



By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia