The job portal in India, online ventures of the Times of India Group, is launching an online service that could help job seekers to improve their resume.

India : launches an automated resume builder has launched Resumax, a platform developped in technology partnership with VMock. According to the company, this is the world's first resume-builder that computes and scores a candidate resume, instantly-providing detailed feedback on which areas need development and how to improve them.
The interactive platform also gives each candidate customized suggestions on how to write their experiences to have maximum impact and shares targeted examples.

It uses algorithms based on resume writing criteria obtained from a variety of companies and recruiters, and allows benchmarking of a candidate resume within a pool of resumes to calculate and assign an objective score.
Resumax assigns each candidate's resume an RScore - a score based on three core areas - Overall Presentation of the resume, Impact of Content in the resume, and assessment of how well Soft Skills are represented in the resume.