Mobility was the theme of the Challenge Bibendum organized by Michelin. The 2014 edition was organized in Chengdu last week.

Mobility is re-emerging in Chengdu

No place could be more appropriate to talk about mobility that this city of 15 million people, where subway construction rips avenues, where armadas of electric scooters are waiting at red lights, and where huge bus fleets are carrying those who have neither money nor age and perhaps, nor the desire to drive a car.

Michelin organized a start-up contest during this Bibendum Challenge. Apart from new generation batteries, energy management in buildings, or marketing data streams, most of 20 concepts relate to the movement of goods or persons like:

- WeTruck: help freight trucks companies to market their available seats. Ideal for facilitating travel between regions.
- Deways: car sharing is not used in the ecosystems of confidence. Interestingly, the sapling is negotiating costs to open its service to businesses in order to facilitate the sharing of cars not used by employees
- Geovelo: optimize the use of cycling.
- Mobiliuz: propose a software + hardware platform to connect vehicles, and encourage the creation of new services.

But the winner was a Beijing based Startup, call Flexbot, that wants to create a system to make vehicles from anything, from wheelchair to peace of wood. Its will be possible to share and sell your prototypes on the platform. Maybe they also need to include the insurance for the users...