NetDragon Websoft, a Hong Kong based developer and operator of online games and mobile internet platforms in China, today announced its unaudited financial results for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012.

NetDragon Websoft : mobile gaming is booming

Total Revenues for Netdragon were RMB 290.1 million, an increase of 43.8% over the third quarter of 2011 ("YoY"). Revenue from Online Games was RM B204.0 million(+ 11.2%).  Peak concurrent users for online games were 525,000, a decrease of 7.7% YoY and average concurrent users for online games were 281,000, a decrease 6.3% YoY.

Revenue from mobile internet are smaller, but the growth is impressive: RMB 86.1 million, an increase of 370.9% YoY.  Total users of 91 Assistant – an applications distribution platform for mainstream mobile operating systems with  - were 127 million, (+ 253.4% YoY).

Total users of HiMarket - Android applications distribution platform  - exceeded 48 million, an increase of 599.7% YoY. According to Netdragon, total apps and content exceeded 700,000 and aggregate downloads surpassed 9.5 billion, which ranks NetDragon as China's largest mobile applications distribution platform.