New screen protector turns the ordinary screens of handheld devices into 3D displays. The filter could also potentially be used as next generation security tokens employed by banks and corporations.

With a piece of plastic, you could have 3D on your mobile

Mobile device users can now view distortion-free 3D content with the naked eye. This plastic sheet is the first ever glasses-free 3D accessory that can display content in both portrait and landscape mode, and measures less than 0.1 mm in thickness. The filter - created by the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE)  and Temasek Polytechnic  in Singapore - is a piece of plastic film with about half a million lenses engineered onto its surface. These products will be marketed by Nanoveu.

To complement the filter, the team developed applications for Apple iOS and Android, which allow users to play 3D content. The applications also allow 2D pictures taken using mobile devices to be converted into 3D. The team will be releasing a software development kit that enables game developers to convert their existing games into 3D versions. The team is also exploring using the same technology for security access tokens to decode PIN numbers sent online.

The two-year project was initially funded under a Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Translational R&D Grant in Dec 2010.