Using soy is a good way to feed yourself and to feed toner cartridges. But it is not the only way to put innovation in the printing world. This is a lesson that comes from Hong Kong and Print-Rite.

Printing could be innovative and green

[parental advisory: Save trees, save paper]

Print-Rite has won the "2012 Hong Kong Award for Industries: Technological Achievement Award". The award, organized by the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation, recognizes the performance of products in technology and intellectual property aspects by judging technology merits, intellectual property impact on the industry, and market recognition of technology.

What are these awarded products? One is the JUMPR Toner and the other is the BIO-ECO Toner Cartridge. With JUMPR, Print-Rite pretends that you can print more with the same amount of ink. For its part, Bio-Eco would represent “a major step forward in our third-party printer consumable industry in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection”.

Yes, not less than that. Because Bio-toners are made from bio-organic materials - parts of plants, so it reduces dependency on oil, “stabilizes the cost of toner raw materials and reduces CO2 emissions from the production”. Now, to be really innovative, this company from Hong Kong must merge with SoyPrint, a soy ink launched in 2008.

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia