Yupoo, bababian, tremble with fear! Kiwibox and his photo community Pixunity enters into the Russian, Chinese and Indian Markets

Sharing photos is a BRIC thing

If I say www.Pixunity.in, www.fotoyedinstvo.com, and www.chinesepix.com, guess which countries these services are destined. Yes, to easy. The first one is for India, the second for China and the last one for Russia. The New-York based Kiwibox is then in these markets.

I don’t know for Russia and India, but here in Shanghai, photo sharing is THE (OK, one of THE) thing that spread rapidly. To quote numbers quoted by Kiwibox, “250 million photos are uploaded daily to social media”. All the major US web or mobile services have already theyr counterpart in China. FlickR is honored by Yupoo, bababian. Instagram is adapted by Tuitu and some others.

And there is also a photoshop like platform, according to Cecilia, very popular now: http://xiuxiu.meitu.com. I’m just wandering. Kiwibox has German, English, Spanish, Russian, Indian and Chinese versions. But the service has to be translated in Portuguese to justify my title (B for Brasil) and in French to fulfill my French nationalism.

By Renaud Edouard-Baraud
CEO of L'Atelier BNP Paribas Asia