A smart water bottle to help protect the environment

  • 14 Dec
  • 2 min

Spanish startup Closca has launched a 'smart' water bottle plus app, designed to enable users to find nearby refill stations… and help safeguard the planet.

According to a report published in 2014 by oceanographer Marcus Eriksen, some eight million tons of plastic are thrown into the world's oceans every year, adding up to the weight of over 792 times the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This mass of waste is now endangering the marine ecosystem and, by extension, the entire planet. Now a young Spanish company called Closca has set out to address this major environmental problem by creating a re-usable smart water bottle. By basically enabling people to rehydrate quickly free of charge, the startup has the wider aim of getting consumers out of the habit of buying plastic containers that end up polluting the planet. With its two openings, the bottle is designed to enable easy cleaning and is also free of bisphenol A, which is now regarded by the European Chemicals Agency as an extremely hazardous substance. The solid glass bottle can be easily attached to a bicycle, a bag or one's arm. However, the associated smartphone app is what really makes the bottle smart and takes its environmental benefits to a higher level, mapping no fewer than 56,000 drinking water stations all over the world that can be used free of charge. So far, Closca has managed to convince 1,373 people, who backed the fledgling Spanish company through its crowdfunding campaign, enabling it to raise $108,553 dollars, way beyond the $30,000 initial funding target. All in all, a great way to promote the zero waste philosophy.

By Sophia Qadiri