Among the 50 most valuable social media brands, 8 are Chinese.

The most successful Chinese social network brands

Swiss Brand Value Rating Agency BV4 and HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich (HWZ) have analyzed the most successful social network brands. They examined the qualitative aspects of the brands and determined the monetary values of the 50 most valuable social media brands. Among them, 8 are Chinese.

4- Qzone (Tencent)
5- Weibo (Sina)
8- Weibo (Tencent)
12- Renren
14- Pengyou (Tencent)
18- Kaixin
21- Tudou (*)
24- Youku (*)

Social media brands from emerging countries like China, expected to become increasingly significant in the future”, states Max Meister in the press release. According to the CEO of BV4, one of the element with a strong influence on the rapid growth of social networks in China is the lack of reliability of the online shopping websites. Because of that, various purchase transactions are being completed on social networks. But, the future of the Chinese social networks will be complicated : “these brands will soon reach a saturation point and will therefore not be able to create a global presence”.

(*) The companies behind Youku and Tudou have merged in 2012